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Let’s talk infertility - did you know there are certain supplements and nutrients that have been studied to IMPROVE egg & sperm quality, to improve your chances of naturally conceiving?

Besides doing a thorough check into nutrition, lifestyle, toxin exposures, there are certain products that can be taken which have been studied to improve fertility outcomes.

On top of hormone testing (for both female & male patients), some of the following are my favorites.


The goal in supporting female fertility is to improve egg quality, balance hormones such as progesterone, and support ovulation.

  1. CoQ10 & PQQ provide mitochondrial support to improve egg quality, embryo implantation, and embryonic growth. Did you know that the egg & the sperm have the highest concentration of mitochondria of any cell in your body? They need a tremendous amount of energy to mature properly!

  2. L-arginine increases blood flow to the pelvic organs and supports endometrial thickness and follicular growth

  3. Methylated B9 (5-MTHF) which prevents neural tube defects, also improves oocyte development, embryo quality and live birth rates

  4. Inositol is a B-vitamin compound that helps sensitize hormones such as insulin in our body, regulate ovulation, improve egg quality, and support co-conditions such has PCOS. 

  5. NAC is required to make glutathione, a powerful antioxidant, which will protect and restore ovulation and egg quality, improving insulin sensitivity, also improving cervical mucous

  6. Vitex helps support luteal phase and improve progesterone levels to prevent miscarriage and assist in implantation


The goal in supporting male fertility is to improve sperm quality & motility, as well as support hormones like testosterone. 

  1. CoQ10 is the master antioxidant that is essential for mitochondrial and energy turnover/production, and improves sperm motility, morphology, and count

  2. Zinc + Selenium are minerals to aid in testosterone production, providing antioxidant support to improve semen volume, motility, and morphology. 

  3. Carnitine has a crucial role in maturing spermatozoa and aiding transporting of fatty acids into the mitochondria to improve sperm motility

  4. Vitamin D levels correlate with healthy testosterone levels 

  5. Saffron has been studied to improve testosterone levels, improve sexual function and support erectile dysfunction

  6. Ashwaghanda has been studied to improve testosterone production, lower cortisol (which inhibits testosterone and sperm production), improving semen volume and count and motility

With all of the above being said, DOSE does matter - there are some that must be dosed 10x than common supplements found in the public. Others, have interactions with certain medications/medical conditions - always speak to your healthcare provider before starting supplements.

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